Steven Mark Dodson

Profile Updated: August 6, 2013
Steven Mark Dodson
Year graduated: 1983
Residing In: San Diego, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Married
Yes! Attending Reunion
Favorite CHS Memory:

Crawford High School
CLASS OF1983 30 YEAR REUNION MIX (Music Compiled by Mark Dodson 2013)
As a token of appreciation down memory lane, I took it upon myself to bring together some of the most memorable tunes in and around our time. 1983 was a transitional time in music history. Radio still ruled the air waves. Mainstream social media and cell phone use were over 15 years shy of conception! We barely missed being labeled as “baby boomers” (born between 1946 and 1964), thus avoiding “yuppie” status. The late 70s disco /funk movements were giving way to a second, British invasion of sorts…punk rock, new wave and techno. Ska and reggae dominated the underground, San Diego scene as well. Popular music (pop, rock, and R&B/Motown) charted many songs with the aid of MTV (YouTube predecessor, if you will), which originated in 1981. “Video Killed a Radio Star” by The Buggles was the first video MTV aired, and it became the ode to the visual art take over. Furthermore, power ballads blossomed, while 60s psychedelic and garage also carried over big time on our car cassette decks, as well as our gym dances. Sprinkled in between, sounds of the greatest generation (our parents)…the fabulous 50s…still found their way into our yearning hearts. By 1983, 8-track had been replaced by cassette tapes, and vinyl records continued to spin circles in our bedrooms (remember those?). Many hours were spent up and down the aisles of Tower and Warehouse Records (now extinct)….99 cent 45s (with fun graphics) being the “downloaded” single of our time.
In this 2 CD set compilation, I gathered over 150 songs, with their volumes leveled and compressed into mp3 format, ready for downloading into your favorite hand held device or computer. Most files were produced from digitally remastered, analog recordings, although I had to extract a few gems by means of an old fashioned turn table, due to their rarity. (Got to love that needle pop!! ?)

What clubs/sports/groups did you participate in while at CHS? (check all that apply)

Letterman's Club
Soccer and/or Soccer Club
German Club

What Elementary School did you attend?

Rolando Park