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10/27/16 12:14 PM #110    

Dana-Chandelle Bursten (Kleiman) (1964)

I am looking for anyone who might remember my sister, Marie Bursten, class of 1961.  Her family is trying to obtain documentation that she lived in the US between the years of 1952 and 1958.  She was in Junior Theater, had poems published in Oak Park Elementary School's annual contest, and performed in Balboa Park's citywide piano performances.  Perhaps someone has Oak Park or Horace Mann Junior High annual class photos, programs from the performances, or other such documentation.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me at if you can help.  Thanks.

10/27/16 05:27 PM #111    

Susan Marie Marshall (Gordon) (1964)

Dana... I have a photo of you in our Jr High yearbook but not your sister from three years ahead of us. I'll ask around. Good luck. The school's might have some archives. Oak Park and Mann still up and running. Susan Marshall


10/28/16 11:09 AM #112    

Patricia Ann Baker (Person) (1963)

Dana, I emailed a copy of the cover and your sister's picture from the 1958 Horace Mann annual.

10/29/16 09:56 AM #113    

Debra Elaine Feiler (Rodebaugh) (1983)

Dana- San Diego Junior Theatre has a listing " Production History" that starts in 1942 and lists shows and some casts all the way up to last season.          Here is the link ---



11/23/17 10:54 AM #114    

Susan Kay Stauffer (Davenport) (1960)


Hello Neil, I enjoyed your recap of first job experiences, how innocent and goungho we all were!

I was wondering, are you Linda Goldfarb’s sister?  We were good friends in high school but lost touch a long time ago. If so, could you let me know how she is or what she is doing these days? 

Thank you so much.  Susan Davenport (maden name, Stauffer)


08/29/18 03:25 PM #115    

Christopher A. Real (1990)


Does anyone (who went to Rolando Park) remember the "Rolando Park Times"? Found a copy in my childhoold documents here and forgot completely about it. This one is from 1981. I am not sure if any of these people still live here in San Diego!!


08/30/18 06:07 PM #116    

Arlene Joy Meyer (Moore) (1969)

I did not attend Rolando... I taught there from 1976-83! Whoah....

08/30/18 06:47 PM #117    

Marcia Sleet (Peterson) (1959)

Smart idea to encourage young students to write.  Went to Rolando Park in 1949 ....  Don't believe there was a newsletter back then.  


08/31/18 11:14 AM #118    

Thomas James Grader (1959)

I also went to Rolando Park in 1949. Marcia Sleet and I went there the first year it opened. I was a crossing guard there.  A school paper would have been great.

09/01/18 02:23 PM #119    

Christopher A. Real (1990)

First job was Taco Bell (official payrolled position) on corner of College and U iversity in 1987. Cleaned bathrooms every morning. Ugh!

09/01/18 05:36 PM #120    

Lorrie Elise Birch (1979)

That's my mom who did the RP Times.  Thanks Christopher for posting that copy.  My mom, has been gone from our lives for 24 years and I miss her dearly.  Seeing this made me smile and remember when she worked at RP.  


09/01/18 07:42 PM #121    

Christopher A. Real (1990)

Walked by the old neighborhood today. Didn't realize that Horace Mann is being upgraded. I don't recognize the old track & field. Looks like it's now a baseball field. Such memories. 

09/02/18 07:11 PM #122    

Peggy Crowe (Castanaga) (1973)

Thanks for posting the pics.  I enjoyed that.

09/03/18 08:31 AM #123    

Norman Lepor (1975)

Who keeps up with the message forum from the Class of '75?

09/03/18 09:43 PM #124    


Mary Christine Navarro (Hayes) (1961)

My Dad built the cabinets for Horace Mann, when it was built. He was a cabinetmaker at Western Lumber Company.

09/06/18 04:33 AM #125    


Laura Lee Kauffman (Lay) (1980)

Gladys, I think a GENERAL REUNION is a great idea, as I have not attended any of my reunions.... and I live locally. :/   I could definitely help you plan it!   Contact me!  619-818-1195.   Laurie Lay (Kauffman) Class of 1980.



10/06/19 03:03 PM #126    

Christopher Stafford (1964)

Looking for Marc Parent. He was at 64 Reunion in August, which I could not attend.

Chris Stafford (858) 874-0438



10/07/19 09:55 AM #127    

Dennis James Faulkner (1980)

Have you checked facebook? I see three there - one works at the zoo -


10/07/19 04:00 PM #128    

Maurice Gilbert Barringer (1964)

Hello Chris,

I had a lengthy conversation with Marc at the 55th reunion.  He is living in Alpine and is doing fine.  I don't have his address or telephone number.  He has aged real well and I recognized him immediately.
Maurice Barringer

04/19/21 08:54 PM #129    


Christine Sweeney (Wolf) (1980)

Kimberly Jean Burelison Day - Class of 1980

You were my bestie!  Where did you go? We lost touch after I left San Diego. Where are you now?

04/20/21 06:20 PM #130    


Bryan Lee Jackson (1971)

hello i was at crawford till 1971 when i gaduated and now i'm a retired vet and i;m 100% disabled vet . i live in santee andhave 3 girls 45,27,and 16 i;m doing fine just have to find things to do?

07/27/21 09:29 AM #131    

Janice Susan Cox (1968)

To Carolyn Mace Hawks


Felix Cumpleaños Bon anniversaire





07/28/21 10:04 AM #132    


Sandie Robbins (Osborn-Knox) (1961)


07/29/21 09:32 AM #133    

Janice Susan Cox (1968)


I looked up Terri Shewmaker online. There is an obituary online stating that she died October 30,2020. We were friends in our senior year. 



07/30/21 08:09 AM #134    


Frank Alan Hallock (1967)

Hi, Frank Hallock here, ('67).  Looking for contact with Gary Nichols and Chris Bailey also from '67.  Anybody out there?


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