De Jeanette Williams

Profile Updated: July 30, 2012
De Jeanette Williams
Year graduated: 1983
Residing In: San Diego, CA USA
Occupation/What do you do now? Human Resources
Yes! Attending Reunion
What clubs/sports/groups did you participate in while at CHS? (check all that apply)

Cheerleading / Pom Pon Corps

What is your native country?


Were you a Homecoming King/Queen or part of the Court?


What Elementary School did you attend?

Outside of Area

What street did you grow up on while attending Crawford?

Westover Place

Who were your Colt neighbors?

Mr. Farley was and is a neighbor. Several neighbors went to Crawford:
Melissa Morrison
Buffy Terry
Kristen Mason
Tracy Scott
Linda Martin
Teri Williams
Pamela Williams
Patricia Daniels
Kevin Thomas

Would you possibly be interested in participating in a golf tournament if one became available?


Are you willing to volunteer to help with future CHS Foundation or Alumni activities should they arise?

Maybe, if I'm available