Janice Susan Cox

Profile Updated: September 25, 2020
Janice Susan Cox
Year graduated: 1968
Occupation/What do you do now? Retired
Yes! Attending Reunion
Names of siblings, relatives AND their CHS graduation years (if attended CHS):

My sister Linda graduated in 1966

Favorite CHS Memory:

MR.Elliot's Spanish class " contests"...quickly and busily and busily and quickly". And the peace symbol painted in the senior quad, being “ protected” from sandblasting by hardier than me students.

What clubs/sports/groups did you participate in while at CHS? (check all that apply)

Spanish Club

What is your native country?


What Elementary School did you attend?


What street did you grow up on while attending Crawford?

Beaver Lake Drive

Who were your Colt neighbors?

Julie Curry

Are you willing to volunteer to help with future CHS Foundation or Alumni activities should they arise?

No, not right now