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Rewind for 8/29/15






June 2011

Welcome blue text alumni, teachers and staff of Will C. Crawford High School. You have landed on the OFFICIAL web site of the WILL C. CRAWFORD HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION located in San Diego, CA.

Crawford High School continues to build upon its great heritage with the support of parents, businesses, teachers and alumni.
This site is where you can reconnect with over 28,000 classmates, teachers and staff--those who graduated from Crawford, and those who may have moved but still shared classes, sports, clubs and memories with us, and your teachers and staff. Elementary school and junior high also. All are welcome to reunite here. 
So what is it that draws us together? It’s the memories of being together at the height of raging hormones, supreme daring, and ultimate idiocies when all things were possible and friendships were forever. It’s the experience of unforgettable times, for better or worse, that ended our teenage years and launched us into adulthood. We want you to feel welcome here, and we hope you'll share a bit of yourself with us, in this exclusive and private community.

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If your name is not listed, send us an email with the year you graduated and your FULL NAME as it was when in school. Send your information by clicking "Contact Us" on the left navigation menu.
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If your name is not listed, send an email with your name and let us know when you taught at Crawford High School and we will add you. Send your information by clicking "Contact Us" on the left navigation menu.

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We encourge you to sign-up and fill in as much information as you are comfortable with, but know you can sign-up with as little as your name and class year. Just sign-up and enjoy the memories.


As time goes on, please remember to keep your profile up-to-date with current contact information, especially your email address.


PRIVACY: All contact information (address, phone number, e-mail address) entered into this website will be kept confidential.  It will not be shared or distributed.  Your contact information is private: your street address, e-mail address, and phone number cannot be seen by the alumni unless you grant permission on your Profile.

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WHAT IS WHITELISTING?: Whitelisting simply means you are telling your email program to accept emails coming from our Alumni Association website (Class Creator), and your classmates. The technique for whitelisting varies by email program, generally you will see the terms whitelist, Safe List, Safe Senders List or Approved Senders List.
DATA: Information provided on this website is obtained on a "best efforts" basis and no one shall be held liable for any errors or omissions. To correct any data other than your own profile data, which you can update yourself, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ button and send your comments to the website administrator.
SECURITY: No one who has access to this website shall use any of the content for personal or commercial purposes.
This website was created at website and is maintained by Jana (Glasgow) Ditmars, 1981 and Kelly Childers, 1981.


AND THE WINNER IS.....Class of 1981 with 19.8%!  Several classes rallied upping their position, but Class of 1981 held strong and can now claim bragging rights for the largest percentage of their class that has joined this great website!!  Way to go '81!! 

** See below for the breakdown of all the class percentages as of 7/1/15. **

Now's the time to joinWhy you ask?  Facebook is great, BUT....the Crawford Alumni website is the only exclusive Crawford High School website where you can directly connect with classmates AND all other alumni AND teachers who have joined (meaning not just your classmates but your childhood neighbors, sportsmates, clubmates, even kids that moved away before graduation) in a private website only open to Crawford alumni.  You can find out what they've been up to, see pictures (old & new) and enjoy the memories and special features from years gone by of the events from high school.  Plus you can honor your old friends by writing a note on the In Memory profiles of those who have passed away.  Pass the word so more can join our exclusive community!

1959 13.3   1988   8.9
1960 11.3   1989   5.9
1961 12.0   1990   4.0
1962 14.0   1991   5.0
1963 16.1   1992   8.7
1964 16.4   1993   8.8
1965 14.3   1994   7.4
1966 12.6   1995   5.8
1967   9.5   1996   7.1
1968   8.4   1997   6.6
1969 12.0   1998   4.9
1970 14.1   1999   3.0
1971   9.0   2000   5.9
1972 11.8   2001   2.8
1973 13.8   2002   4.8
1974 17.5   2003   9.4
1975 13.9   2004   7.7
1976 10.6   2005   6.6
1977 15.4   2006 10.0
1978   6.7   2007   6.6
1979   8.9   2008   4.6
1980 10.3   2009   8.5
1981 19.8   2010   9.0
1982 16.0   2011 11.7
1983 14.1   2012   6.4
1984 11.7   2013   3.9
1985   7.8   2014   8.2
1986   7.0   2015   0.9
1987   5.8      








A message from your Class Reunion Committee,

Reunion plans are under way and we need your help. We are searching for our reunion venue and date, to do so we need to know how many of you plan to attend our 50-year reunion and want to receive reunion updates. Please visit our Crawford 1965 Reunion Website at to confirm your whereabouts online and RSVP. Or call our reunion planner, Reunion Specialists at 760-721-0525. This is the ONLY way to ensure you receive all reunion communication.

Confirmed alumni will be notified immediately as soon as reunion plans are finalized. Please forward this information to all Crawford 1965 alumni you are in contact with and post it on your personal facebook page if you have one. We look forward to reconnecting with our fellow 1965 Colts!

Sleeping Room Reservations: Hilton Harbor Island 619-291-6700, mention code CHS for very special pricing or book online at: Hilton Harbor Island Reservations.  Space is limited, offer expires 8/25/15.

Your Crawford Reunion Committee,
Geri McGurn Tyler, Yoli Leon Banda, Jeanne Schlomann Martinez, Ann Erickson Foster, Fedela Perretta Santiago, Sue Gilliland Wood, Chris Cocklin Khouri
Reunion Website:

Crawford High School | Crawford Class of 1965 Fifty-Year Reunion
Reunion Specialists  P.O. Box 1781, Carlsbad, CA 92018. Phone: (760) 721-0525 Fax: (760) 721-3372.



  We are saddened to report the passing of the following Colts:

  • Lonnie Seavey - Class of 1992 - 8/3/15
  • Ray Kirk - Class of 1968 - 7/24/2015
  • Beatrice Goodwin-Karp - Class of 1967 - 7/22/15
  • Ava Johnson - Class of 1970 - 7/17/15
  • Carole Kudrna-Blackson-Coleman - Class of 1966 - 7/5/15
  • David Ming - Class of 1965 - 7/1/15
  • John Murphy - Class of 1964 - 6/21/15
  • Robert Fortin - Class of 1964 and Teacher - 6/13/15
  • Dorraine Plahn-Martin - Class of 1978 - 6/8/15
  • Glenna Jo Morrow Jacket - Class of 1963 - 6/6/15
  • Raymond McFarland - Class of 1968 - 6/6/15
  • Mary Edwards-Moraga - Class of 1959 - 6/3/15
  • Michael Buczkowski - Class of 1995 - 6/1/15
  • Rose Aftreth-Smith - Class of 1973 - 5/27/15
  • Stuart Rivers - Class of 1969 - 5/19/15
  • Naida Carlstrom-Groff - Teacher - 5/14/15
  • Linda Parker-Smith - Class of 1970 - sometime in 2015


 ** Colt Fiesta has moved--back to Amigo Spot!  Want to connect with Crawford Alumni each month? A group of alum have been getting together each month for years and it could include you! Primarily made up of classes from the 60's, but open to all alumni, they are meeting back at the Amino Spot restaurant inside the Kings Inn located at 1333 Hotel Circle South (just off the I-8 Freeway).  Phone: 619-297-2231.  Typically there's music performed by another fellow Colt, Jeff Lee ('66).  Come join the fun the 1st Thursday of each month at 5:00 pm.


The School With All The Catchers 
It's here! Joe Naiman, class of 1982, has published his book on the history of the Crawford High School Baseball Program. Covering the years of 1958 - 2007. Currently not available in stores, however, you can buy your copy direct from Joe for $19.95. Contact Joe at 760.458.9827.


NOTIFY ME!  This NOTIFY ME! feature replaces the former Profile Subscriptions function. All Classmates you were previously following are still present on the new Notify Me page. In addition you will find a variety of new options to allow you to interact with our site exactly the way you wish to. For instance you can now receive notifications by email when events like this happen on our site:

* You receive a new personal message
* Someone leaves a comment on your profile
* Pictures have been added to a photo gallery
* A Classmate has been added to In Memory
* A Classmate posts an In Memory comment
* A new reunion or event is being planned
* A new announcement has been posted
* A new Classmate joins the site
* Pages on the site have been added or updated
* A Missing Classmate has been found

 Hey Colts!  The Crawford Foundation would welcome fellow alumni who wish to become new members of the Board of Directors.  As a board member, you would be helping with fundraisers and special projects at Crawford, as well as supporting the Alumni Association and its events. The Board meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except July, August and December), at 5:30pm in the Crawford Library.  If you can't commit to that time and still want to help, there are subcommittees with various projects that need willing participants.  If you are interested in joining either team, please contact us at this email: