Meredith de Percy Kuhns Moreland

Profile Updated: April 22, 2016
Year graduated: 1982
Residing In: Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis
Children/Birth Years: Mark Mitchel Moreland - 1987
Michael William Moreland - 1989
Occupation/What do you do now? Office of the Registrar - University of Missouri
Favorite CHS Memory:

My friends.

Favorite CHS Teacher or Principal:

Coach Hall - Geometry

What clubs/sports/groups did you participate in while at CHS? (check all that apply)

A.S.B. (Associated Student Body)
Student Store

What is your native country?


What Elementary School did you attend?


What street did you grow up on while attending Crawford?

Euclid Avenue

Are you willing to volunteer to help with future CHS Foundation or Alumni activities should they arise?

No, not right now

Share a true miracle that happened to you!

Literally, walking away from a 4 car pile up accident with barely a bruise. My stalled, motionless car was struck by a car traveling at 70+ mph... knocking me and both car's headlights out and leaving my car in a T fashion across the highway... as I was coming to... all was a blur... and I remembered I was previously trying to start the car... So, I groggily returned to the business of turning the key... I saw headlights coming swiftly toward me from my driver's side window... an armored car traveling at 80+ mph plows into the back end of my car, knocking me out again and knocking out his headlights as well... and turning my car and the armored car so we both faced direct, on coming traffic...there we were... 3 stationary vehicles, with no headlights on in the middle of a dark and lonely road. As I was 'coming to' for the second time... I hazily tried again, as if in a trance, to start the car... I saw lights coming straight toward me and VERY fast... I was not even coherent... a car that was traveling at 90+ mph then hit the Armored car head on, sending it airborne... but I, somehow, managed to exit the car just as that car was flying through the air above my head, which then ripped the car door from my hand as it was landing on and into the driver's seat (where I was just sitting) completely collapsing and crushing the driver's side of the car. One died and several others were permanently handicapped, losing arms etc... only I walked away, practically, unscathed... my wrist was sprained from the car door being wrested from my hand. I was concerned with starting the car to get it out of the way, getting out of the car NEVER occurred to me that I remember. So, what or who pulled me out? No one else was there to do it. I believe I was pulled and led out by an angel. I escaped certain death by a split second and less than millimeters... only by the help of God Himself... who told me, it wasn't my turn just yet.

Anything else you'd like to share?

I attended ROP courses in Aviation at Morse High School as well, during my senior year. I was also a member of DECA. (Distributive Education Clubs of America...They do not have it among all the listed groups, here, yet) I was not present for either the the School Store photo or for the Girls JV Basketball Team photo, even though, I was a member of both.

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