Donald Mayfield

Profile Updated: July 25, 2017
Residing In: La Jolla, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Carol J Mayfield
Military Service: USN @ NAVSTA San Diego  
Current Occupation/What do you do now? I'm retired now, but that doesn't I'm napping all the time. I have an active life--and productive.
Children/Years of birth: Matthew Brady 1973
Shelley Anne 1975
Amy Elizabeth 1978
Do you have a personal website?
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Yes! Attending Reunion
Are you a native San Diegan?

Born in L A 12/24/41 in Los Angeles, two weeks after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.I asked my mom how it was with an infant two weeks after Pearl Harbor: "I was too busy figuring out how to breast feed to worry about the bombing, even tho the Japs cruised submarines up and down the coast. And we lived in Long Beach, where they were sited.

Where did you earn your credentials and in which subjects?

Teaching credential (secondary) with a MA in Curriculum at SDSU in 1967, the summer I married Carol. We now have 3 adult "kids" and their broods.

Were you a graduate of Crawford? If so, what year? (and did you use a different name than we have here?)

No, I graduated from Ramona HS (Riverside) in 1959, as a transfer student from Palm Springs where I spent most of my school yeara

Did any of your family members attend Crawford? If so, who and when?

No, we lived closer to the coast

Grandkids/Great-grandkids/Years of birth:

Coco, 2009
Parker. 2011
Penelope, 2013

What else would you like us to know about you?

I look at myself as an old guy looking at a mirror to the past in hopes of gaining insight into self and others in "my world". Yet, I look forward to everyday, never thinking I live in the past, but always gaining on myself with every succeeding day. I like it here on earth and I find people fascinating and a joy to behold in all their eccentricities.
Take charge, Colts. Let creativity be your guide. Don't stop loving.

Favorite CHS Memory:

Quon faking a sniff of cocaine in the IS room. It was a set up and for 30 seconds (less, actually) he fooled me.

What did you teach/sponsor at CHS and what years?

No, but the Seminar program had itsown schtick, even though Paul wright tried to make it so the Seminar kids folded into student body.I thought he was pretty successful.

Which CHS teachers/faculty do you keep in contact with?

AL Rodriguez who was in Indusrial Arts but transferred to SCPA where he could teach photography

Share a true miracle that happened to you!

Not a true miracle but certainly a true blessing to take Janet Martin's gifted students and feel accepted. Great school--and always felt welcome.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Best teaching experience ever--and that's saying a lot.Had a profound effect on my career in education at city, county and state level.

BTW, I don't teach English in the schools, but I have returned to my first love: the trumpet, which I began in 4th grade at Cathedral City Elementary in 1950.
I've always taken it seriously but dropped it after graduating from UCLA--to geta teaching credential and a job.

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