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June 2011

Welcome blue textalumni, teachers and staff of Will C. Crawford High School. You have landed on the OFFICIAL web site of the WILL C. CRAWFORD HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION & FOUNDATION located in San Diego, CA.

Crawford High School continues to build upon its great heritage with the support of parents, businesses, teachers and alumni.
This site is where you can reconnect with over 30,000 classmates, teachers and staff--those who graduated from Crawford, and those who may have moved but still shared classes, sports, clubs and memories with us, and your teachers and staff. Elementary school and junior high also. All are welcome to reunite here. 
So what is it that draws us together? It’s the memories of being together at the height of raging hormones, supreme daring, and ultimate idiocies when all things were possible and friendships were forever. It’s the experience of unforgettable times, for better or worse, that ended our teenage years and launched us into adulthood. We want you to feel welcome here, and we hope you'll share a bit of yourself with us, in this exclusive and private community.
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June 2024

Please read this announcement for Team Crawford.
Crawford Team Athletic Foundation Flyer. Select HERE.

Team Crawford will host its 4th annual golf tournament/Fundraiser on Monday, September 16th, 2024 at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo. Join us for golf, food, and fun with other Crawford supporters. 


Contact Susan for details or if you can help with sponsorships or raffle prizes. 
Susan Marshall Gordon class of 64 (619) 865-3410

Like father, like son. Read Union Tribune's article how Lukas Peabody follows in his Dad's, Doug Peabody (CHS'81) footsteps.  Click HERE.


San Diego Unified School District News Release, click here.



December 2022

We are working inconjunction with TEAM Crawford Athletic Foundation (run by '65 Alumni) to raise funds for new and safe sports equipment for our student athletes.  Please support your fellow Colts! Pass this information to family and friends! 


Dennis 'Radar' Brown (CHS'79) retires from SDSU. Read the San Diego Union Tribune article here.


YouTube videos of Crawford.  Click on the year. 1957  1978


Here's an article from April 2021, in The San Diego Union. Click HERE


Came across an engaging article in the San Diego Reader about Crawford; published in 1983, and written by classmate Gordon Smith, class of 1969.  Click HERE.


Rendering of new administration, performance art center and classroom three story building (San Diego Unified School photo)
Want to see what Crawford will look like in a few years, click HERE (video courtesy of Barbara Alvarez '70).  More information on Crawford's modernization project, HERE
New video on Crawford's modernization project. HERE. Updated 11/10/2020


Photos from Crawford's football stadium grand opening  - Click HERE.




  We are saddened to report the passing of the following Colts:

  • Dale Mann - Class of 1968 - 06/10/24
  • Ernest Bayles - Class of 1981 - 06/08/24
  • Philip Lord - Class of 1968 - 06/04/24
  • Georgia Wilson Hunter - Class of 1960 - 05/31/24
  • William Simpson - Class of 1963 - 05/30/24
  • Colin Cole - Class of 1962 - 05/12/24
  • Judy Horowitz Glenn - Class of 1967 - 05/10/24
  • Marcia Solomon LeVitt - Class of 1964 - 05/09/24
  • Joan Player Johnson - Class of 1971 - 05/04/24 
  • Jerry Brooksher - Class of 1964 - 04/26/24
  • Kevin Thrash - Class of 1974 - 04/14/24
  • James Person - Class of 1961 - 04/09/24
  • John Markey - Class of 1974 - 04/08/24
  • Judith Drake Williams - Class of 1960 - 04/03/24
  • Carolyn Hall Shafer - Class of 1969 - 03/26/24
  • Richard Bennett - Class of 1961 - 03/17/24
  • John McDonald - Class of 1960 - 03/08/24
  • Judith Hughes LoPresti - Class of 1965 - 03/02/24


The School With All The Catchers 
It's here! Joe Naiman, class of 1982, has published his book on the history of the Crawford High School Baseball Program. Covering the years of 1958 - 2007. Currently not available in stores, however, you can buy your copy direct from Joe for $19.95. Contact Joe at 760.458.9827.


 Hey Colts!  The Crawford Foundation now meets at 4:00PM on Zoom.  This earlier time allows the Crawford staff and others who attend to bridge the gap between school activities and the meeting start time.  The Board will continue to meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except July, August and December).  We welcome fellow alumni who wish to become new members of the Board of Directors.  As a board member, you would be helping with fundraisers and special projects at Crawford, as well as supporting the Alumni Association and its events. If you can't commit to our meetings and still want to help, there are subcommittees with various projects that need willing participants.  If you are interested in joining either team, please contact us at this email: