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June 2011

Welcome blue textalumni, teachers and staff of Will C. Crawford High School. You have landed on the OFFICIAL web site of the WILL C. CRAWFORD HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION & FOUNDATION located in San Diego, CA.

Crawford High School continues to build upon its great heritage with the support of parents, businesses, teachers and alumni.
This site is where you can reconnect with over 30,000 classmates, teachers and staff--those who graduated from Crawford, and those who may have moved but still shared classes, sports, clubs and memories with us, and your teachers and staff. Elementary school and junior high also. All are welcome to reunite here. 
So what is it that draws us together? It’s the memories of being together at the height of raging hormones, supreme daring, and ultimate idiocies when all things were possible and friendships were forever. It’s the experience of unforgettable times, for better or worse, that ended our teenage years and launched us into adulthood. We want you to feel welcome here, and we hope you'll share a bit of yourself with us, in this exclusive and private community.
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This website was created at website and is maintained by Jana Glasgow Ditmars, ('81) and Kelly Childers ('81).

CHS Music Legacy Archive Project has met its goal!!! is a sample of the project that is available.

Thanks to everyone that contributed. We are also raising for music from other years. If you have any old records of Crawford music let us know.

From the late 1960’s through mid-70’s, San Diego’s Will C. Crawford High School produced an extraordinary number of talented young musicians who would go on to enjoy professional careers as performers, composers, producers and music educators.  Many continue to thrive on stages, in studios and at educational institutions throughout the country, while others who left a significant mark in music have sadly passed on too soon.

For all who were part of this unique performing arts hotbed, their unifying force was Music Director Dennis Foster (’67-’75).  Under Mr. Foster’s leadership, many of Crawford’s ensembles were among the most respected and awarded in Southern California, particularly in the field of jazz.

In 1989, KPBS-TV produced a performance documentary reuniting some of Crawford’s most illustrious music alums from the early 70’s (Hollis Gentry, Nathan East, Carl Evans, Jr., Doug Robinson and Marchelle Minafee), who each recounted their development as artists at CHS.  Here are some highlights from that (courtesy of KPBS): 

Now in retirement near Tucson, Dennis Foster wishes to leave a legacy of Crawford’s music excellence and achievement to future generations of CHS and San Diego Unified students and teachers with his library of studio and concert recordings of the Colt jazz/stage bands, concert bands and orchestras he led.  These often professionally captured performance tapes include the only known recording of works specially commissioned for the Crawford ensembles of this era.

The delicate process of digitally transferring audiotape of this vintage requires the expertise and equipment of a specialist.  It involves the “baking” of reels in a convection oven to loosen the tightly packed magnetic tape and ensure that the recorded material adheres to its tape backing upon playback after decades in storage.  For this project we have arranged the services of L.A.’s leading tape archivist to the music industry, longtime Capitol Studios engineer Bill Smith of United Archiving.

Funds raised for the Crawford High Music Legacy Project cover the projected costs of transferring Mr. Foster’s tapes, the establishment of a digital music archive for Crawford High School plus all associated shipping and handling expenses.  Current plans include making the archive accessible to interested alumni, project contributors and community members.

Whether you played in a Crawford music ensemble, support the idea of arts education in our schools or merely recognize the value of preserving these exceptional performances for future aspiring CHS musicians, your tax-deductible contribution will help create an enduring digital archive of these one-of-a-kind recordings.  Please join in this exciting rediscovery and appreciation of a special era at Crawford High.

Music was an important part of our High School experience. Please donate today!


Will C. Crawford Foundation wishes to thank Dr. Katie Valadez D.C. for a donation. is the URL for her business at 5714 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115 (619) 818-7299. Dr. Katie serves families, children, athletes, and pregnant people. When you visit her office, tell them you heard of it on the Crawford Colts Website. 



Came across an engaging article in the San Diego Reader about Crawford; published in 1983, and written by classmate Gordon Smith, class of 1969.  Click HERE.


Rendering of new administration, performance art center and classroom three story building (San Diego Unified School photo)
Want to see what Crawford will look like in a few years, click HERE (video courtesy of Barbara Alvarez '70).  More information on Crawford's modernization project, HERE
New video on Crawford's modernization project. HERE. Updated 11/10/2020


Photos from Crawford's football stadium grand opening  - Click HERE.




  We are saddened to report the passing of the following Colts:

  • Jesus "Jesse" Perez, Jr. - Class of 1989 
  • Pamela White Walton - Class of 1967 - 02/04/21
  • Alwin Holman - CLass of 1975 - 01/29/21
  • Judith Zimmer Mozingo - Class of 1968 -01/27/21
  • Terri Wesner Lauf -Class of 1973 - 01/19/21
  • Stevan Jaffe - Class of 1966 - 01/09/21
  • Martha Dory Traub - Class of 1965 - 01/03/21
  • Gilbert Navarro - Class of 1963 - 12/26/20
  • Susan Gallerstein Krull - Class of 1966 - 12/21/20 
  • Stephen Fink - Class of 1966 - 12/20/20
  • Tony Flores - Class of 1972 - 12/13/20
  • Penny Humphrey-Scholl - Class of 1974 - 11/30/20
  • Linda Kassel Thacher - Class of 1964 - 11/30/20
  • Michelle Gilmer-Hayes - Class of 1981 - 11/23/20
  • Robert Pearl - Class of 1967 - 11/23/20
  • Terry Harkless Kneeshaw - Class of 1968 - 11/22/20
  • Sherry Mummey Anderson - Class of 1964 - 11/15/20
  • Gregory Finley - Class of 1964 - 11/02/20
  • Ronald Baldwin - Class of 1960 - 10/25/20


The School With All The Catchers 
It's here! Joe Naiman, class of 1982, has published his book on the history of the Crawford High School Baseball Program. Covering the years of 1958 - 2007. Currently not available in stores, however, you can buy your copy direct from Joe for $19.95. Contact Joe at 760.458.9827.


 Hey Colts!  The Crawford Foundation now meets at 4:00PM on Zoom.  This earlier time allows the Crawford staff and others who attend to bridge the gap between school activities and the meeting start time.  The Board will continue to meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month (except July, August and December).  We welcome fellow alumni who wish to become new members of the Board of Directors.  As a board member, you would be helping with fundraisers and special projects at Crawford, as well as supporting the Alumni Association and its events. If you can't commit to our meetings and still want to help, there are subcommittees with various projects that need willing participants.  If you are interested in joining either team, please contact us at this email: