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09/01/14 07:47 PM #65    

Margaret Evelyn Wardlow (Tellers) (1965)

Response to post #42

Larry Freeman  married Paula Schultz in 1967.  He was stationed at Great Lakes.  Later in Hawaii.  The last I had heard they lived in Santee but that was many years ago.

09/02/14 09:41 AM #66    

Lee Eddy (1972)

My first job was as a paperboy delivering the Evening Tribune in the neighborhoods just East of me. I learned a great deal about responsibility and customer service that served me well in my adult years.

09/03/14 06:43 AM #67    


Elaine Marie Thorne (Swatniki) (1966)

My first job was as a dental technician in Hillcrest.  I started it during my senior year (66) as I had a shortened schedule (Bio and Chem during summer school).  I worked on gold crowns and the lab was next to Alanon and over a gay bar.  I had a station facing the street.  An interesting job in many ways.

09/03/14 02:04 PM #68    


William Allen Davis (1972)

My first jobs were College Car Wash on University, Dishwasher at Howard Johnson's at the foot of Waring Road (oh, how I hated the chocolate fudge sundae nights), and (a drum roll, please...) I was a Fuller Brush Man, or better, Fuller Brush BOY for three days. Somehow no one could take a skinny 15 year old with a pony tail seriously in that job.

09/05/14 12:24 PM #69    

Kathy Theresa Donovan (Roper) (1972)

Other then the usual babysitting, my first job was at Arizona Street Vet Clinic.  I cleaned a lot kennels,took care of a monkey, helped in animal surgeries, and fed a ton of animals over the 3 years I worked there.  It was a great job a dirty job, but a great job.


09/07/14 05:13 AM #70    


Danne Farrell (1974)

My first job?  I was in Jr. High School living in the Golden Heights area.  Having just moved from East San Diego (Going to Horace Mann and transferred to Theadore Roosevelt), I got a job selling door to door kitchen products such as pot holders, table covers, toaster covers, etc.  One of the most interesting things about the job was that one of the other guys I was working with just happened to have the exact same birthdate as mine.  Same day, same month, same year.  Go figure.....

09/29/14 01:53 PM #71    


John "Jack" Abernethy (1964)

Dont know if this is the appropriate place to post a general message for the class of '64, but dont see any other place to do so, and I don't do Facebook. Just wanted to, once again, commend and thank ever so much our reunion committee for another exemplary job on our 50th Reunion held this month at the Mission Valley Marriott....the venue, the decorations, the music, the food, the photo collages (Wow!)......THE MEMORIES! You have diligently, sacrificially, and unselfishly provided us with all these things for the past 50 yrs! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Since a Reunion Memory Book was not done this year, it would be nice if classmates attending the reunion (and those not able to attend) would post profiles on the Crawford Alumni website, so we can stay in touch. Life is getting shorter and uncertain, and we need our friendships to help carry us through! ONE LAST COMMENT......there was a lot of buzz about our next reunion, i.e. one year?, five years? IDEA....what about a 70th Bday party for all of us in two years (almost all of us would qualify and those who dont can tag along)!! Just think of the savings on Candles alone!!

09/30/14 05:14 PM #72    


Charlene Krebsbach (Clark) (1964)


Great way to send a message.  Such kind words.  Thank You so much.  Our committee did work very hard this year to make it a "Great Reunion".  We have been so pleased with all of the response we have had with such wonderful comments.  That makes it all worth our time and effort.

A '70th Birthday Party sounds like a Good One.  That is sure something to think about for sure.


smileyCharlene Krebsbach Clark - Class of '64   619-990-1884 - cell

10/01/14 06:49 AM #73    


Joseph Edward Falcone (1964)

Wow! That post was great.  It is true you all did a fantastic job.  The reunion was a complete blast. Another get together would be fun in a couple of years.  My 70th is in 2016.  But would try to get there anyway.  Again, a big thank you for the committee for all of the work you ala did.

10/01/14 08:05 AM #74    


John "Jack" Abernethy (1964)

Hi Joe......I believe that virtually all of us have our 70th in 2016. That was the idea......a Crawford Class of '64 70th Bday Bash in 2016! Sounds like fun to me! Was good seeing you at the reunion! Have a great day!

10/01/14 09:08 AM #75    

Linda Jane Aronoff (CDeBaca) (1964)

I agree with Joe and Jack that the 50th Reunion was a huge success and a testament to the Reunion Committee's hard work. Many of us forget just how much time and effort goes into planning an affair such as this. Thank you all for a great job!  I had a wonderful time and enjoyed re-connecting with so many  classmates that I had not seen recently or since we graduated. Going to Crawford in the 60's will always be very special and the memories continue to grow. The graduates of 1964 have always been an outstanding group of individuals. ONCE A COLT, ALWAYS ONE!

I will be looking forward to hearing about an event for our "70th Birthdays" in 2016.   What a milestone in our lives!!! My best wishes to everyone! Linda

10/01/14 11:08 AM #76    

Robert James Zito (1964)

Kudos on the Class of 64 Reunion Commitee and the GREAT REUNION!!!! I had a blast both nights!

Suggestion on 70th Birthday Blast: Maybe somthing more like the mixer we had on Friday. Let's let the commitee rest and recouperate a little for the 55th Reunion.

Great seeing everyone. We were really fortunate going to Crawford and doing so during the era we did. Early 60's ROCK!

Bob Zito


10/01/14 12:20 PM #77    


John "Jack" Abernethy (1964)

Actually, I was thinking the 70th Bday bash would be in lieu of a 55th Reunion. Both would be too much on everyone......especially our "award winning" committee. A more casual setting would be great....perhaps even a park or beach setting. I liked the time we did a picnic at Mission Bay. Also the idea of something sooner than a 55th would mean more of us would, hopefully, still be around! : )

Im glad there is interest in the idea, but we might want to table it for awhile. We dont want the committee to be overwhelmed. Right now they should be enjoying some much deserved (and needed) R&R!!!

10/01/14 12:45 PM #78    

Msgt Michael Drake Nesbit (1964)

The 1964 Crawford reunion was fabulous.  You all did a great job






10/01/14 05:37 PM #79    


John "Jack" Abernethy (1964)

I love the way this forum allows one to "edit" a post they have made, which allows them to go back and correct "typos," which I have done nore than once! Some things seldom "Type A" personalities! My kudos to our website designers and administrators!! :)

10/01/14 06:03 PM #80    


Janice Elaine Reasoner (Thompson) (1964)

Of course the reunion I had to miss was our 50th (sad face) But Jack a 70th I think would be a first and what a kicker that would be....and yep I think the majorityl of us will be 70 in '16,  .I am sure everyone invoved in the 50th worked super hard, as all the past ones were FANTASTIC also.Thank you each and everyone of you kuddos to you all. and so Sorry I missed it but will do all possible to make the next...Stay healthy and God Speed guys.


Janice Reasoner-Stone-Thompson

class of '64

10/01/14 07:22 PM #81    

Terilyn Hunter (Burg) (1964)

I am a little overwhelmed with all of the kinds very glad that a good time was had by all....

I will be hosting a Crawford High School Class of 64 web/facebook page in a couple of weeks...hope to open communications with the entire class....and be able to share pictures.   Any ideas???   Your thoughts would be appreciated....

Terilyn (Teri) Hunter Burg


10/02/14 10:16 AM #82    

Buai Tut (2005)

My fellow colts,

My name is Buai Tut and I am a graduate of Crawford High School class of 2005. I transferred to CHS because my siblings attended there and wanted to make it a huge part of my life. During my studies at CHS I was involved in multiple activities JROTC where I learned discipline, respect, and commitment to help others. I was also the Brigade J4 as well as Battalion Commander. I also played sports mainly basketball and we captured multiple league championships with a CIF banner the following year. Reading all of your memories has inspired me to reach out to the community surrounding CHS. The students, their families, campus staff to make CHS a great place to learn. We all know time has changed and so is the culture around us, but Crawford High will always be there as a stepping stone to go further in life. I am asking you one by one to let's all chip in attend one of the games or some athletic events support your alma mater. 


Once a Colt always a Colt


10/02/14 10:59 AM #83    


Julie Eskew (Daniel) (1964)

I'm bummed.  Wasn't able to attend 50th Reunion... but definitely will be available for next one!  

Please keep me on notification list.  (I don't mean next 50th!).


Julie Eskew Daniel '64

10/02/14 11:28 AM #84    

Laurence Joseph Vansworth Jr (1964)

I agree with all the other responses, the staff did a wonderful job.  We must remember to thank Charlene's little sister Sandy for her participation, as well as her husband Bob Weaver.

Thanks again for a nice time!

Larry Vansworth


10/03/14 01:16 AM #85    

Terilyn Hunter (Burg) (1964)

Also to be acknowledged is  BJ's sister Charlene Stebbins Landis (Class of 59) who has been a member of our commitee for all of our reunions....

Terilyn (Teri) Hunter Burg

Class of 64   (619) 302-4731 cell


10/03/14 06:19 PM #86    

Jo Ann Mellington (Brown) (1964)

I agree with every thing that has been said about our reunion staff. You all are amazing! What a wonderful time Paula Pohl Annis and I had.....the sisters from different parents together again!!! FUN, FUN, FUN,  I must comment on BJ'S sister, she looked younger than some of us!! Good work all of you! Thank you for making the 50th a time to remember.

10/03/14 09:58 PM #87    


John "Jack" Abernethy (1964)

Glad I wasnt the only one that noticed how young and beautiful Charlene looked. Must be in the genes.....runs in the family!

10/17/14 07:16 PM #88    


Frank Klepach (1964)

I agree with all the other posters. The Reunion Comittee for our 50th reunion did a fantastic job of staging one of the best reunions yet! You folks are awesome! All of your effort is truely appreciate. Thanks again for making our 50th Reunion such a great success. 

12/22/14 07:14 PM #89    

Richard Lee Garvin (1969)

Richard Garvin- Class of 1969

First job for me started two days after graduation..Don's Hamburgers which was out toward El Cajon...since I was part of the group from the San Carlos homes area never worked close to the school...

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