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12/23/14 06:04 PM #90    

Clement Clarke Young II (1964)

The class of 64 50th reunion was my first, enjoyed it, talking to some of my class mates was enjoyable. I wasn't around San diego much after high school and SDSC. Was in the Navy for 28 years with a whole lot of traveling then to the Middle East for 8 years. I'm looking forward to the reunion CD, if it ever comes. My wife of 46 years enjoyed the reunion too, even though she was a Clairemont High grad from the days of fast times at Ridgemont High. Clarke Young

05/13/15 01:39 PM #91    


James Alan Kraus (1965)

My first job was a busboy at the Midway Chuckwagon for $1.00/hour..........

05/14/15 11:16 AM #92    

Dr. Frederick H. Giese, M. Th. , D. Min. (1965)

My first job was cutting lawns for the older people in my neighborhood on Saturday mornings.  Used to make about $15.00 a weeke-end.


05/14/15 11:53 AM #93    


Edward Mracek (1983)

My first job was in the dish room at El Conquistador Private Dormitory on Montezuma Road and 55th Street, I graduated to salad bar and worked there until going off to College at U.C.L.A.

05/16/15 10:37 AM #94    

Donald James Rogers (1969)

Don Rogers, Class of '69

My first job was as a janitor, with Environmenl Control...It was more than just a job.  We were like family.  I also worked weekends at Jack In The Box in Mission Valley.  Sadly it's gone now.

05/17/15 06:28 AM #95    


Randall William Sandberg (1969)

It's nice to remember the good ol' days when many of us were able to find jobs during or after our high school years, so I decided to chime in.

I attended a lot of summer school when in junior high so I was ahead of the game with credits by the time our junior year came around. I started a job during the summer before junior year at Monte Vista Retirement Lodge on Massachusetts Ave. in Lemon Grove. During our junior and senior years I only needed to be at school until noon; in the afternoons I worked 1 to 5 pm Monday through Friday. Also alternated 8 hours on Saturday and Sunday with my cohort Bob, a student from Monte Vista High in Spring Valley. We were maintenance assistants who took care of pretty much everything imaginable from janitorial work to helping the gardener on the 5-acre property. $1.65 per hour, 28 hours per week. My wallet was never empty.

It was a good experience. We learned lots of things that were later useful after starting to live in our own homes. Shortly after graduation day I moved on to the service department at University Ford in Mission Valley. Pay jump to $1.75 per hour. Yesssss!! I am not alone in lamenting that few of the young people today are able to find such opportunities to get work experience and start on a solid track towards the future. Sadly our political "leaders" have seen fit to export too many jobs in the name of "free trade" and otherwise have allowed the country to be overrun by outsiders that have taken many of the same kinds of jobs that we had.

05/17/15 09:44 AM #96    


Sylvia Wicke (Ryerson) (1968)

My first job, other than babysitting, was at Winchells Donut Shop on 40th and Meade in San Diego. I worked at a few different ones before I began working at Home of Guiding Hands in 1970.

05/18/15 08:51 AM #97    

Michael Alan Carteron (1983)

My first real job was at the San Diego Zoo washing dishes in the Golden Eagle restaurant. I say real job because before that I delivered papers in the morning for the SD Union. It is good to look back and see how far we have come and what we have accomplished. It also points out how plentiful jobs were when we were younger.

05/19/15 09:23 AM #98    

Linda Lee Mann (Urmacher) (1967)

Linda Lee (Mann) Urmacher Class of 1967

My first work experience was in High School, employed by Sea World in the Hawaiian Punch Building. I prepared salads and processed lettuce and tomatoes and I worked at the counter.  It was a great job.  Ultimately, I attended San Diego State University and UCSD, and worked at Scripps and UCSD School of Medicine in administration.  I then moved on to New York City where I held positions at Rockefeller University, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and The Dalton School. I have lived in New York since 1975, having been married for 32 years, and we have a son born in New York, living in Brooklyn.  I always remember my days at Crawford and my first job.


07/15/15 05:55 PM #99    


Alan Scott Fedder (1969)

My first "job" was substituting newspaperboy delivering the San Diego Union for Ron Oldenettel, then I got my own route on his recommendation. This was in junior high.  I delivered those papers every morning (pretty much) for maybe three years.  In 12th grade I worked for my dad cleaning construction sites on the weekend, getting an actual paycheck. Lost some weight and put on a little muscle, showing how out of shape I was before! After high school I worked at Ets Hokin & Galvan as an Eletrician's Helper helping to make waveguide.  That job only lasted a couple of weeks, then the contract was completed.  While going to Grossmont College I worked a couple weeks as night cleaner assisting the owner of a jantorial business. He let me go for being not quick enough. Next I got a job in the Grossmont College Library.  I loved that job, shelving and checking out books! After my first year of junior college I joined the military.

Alan Fedder '69

07/17/15 02:15 AM #100    

Evangeline "Angie" Fernandez (Bitsko) (1980)

My first job was working as a library aide at the Paradise Hills branch of the San Diego Public Library.  I was so excited to be earning a whopping $2.65 an hour!

Angie (Evangeline) Bitsko (Fernandez) -- Class of 1980

07/17/15 06:51 AM #101    

Karen Lee McCormack (Smith) (1968)

My first job was working for Warren Thompson of San Diego Appliance in Hill Crest working for 75 cents an hr.  Most of you guys remember his commercial on TV.  He was every where night and day.  That was a wonderful experience, nobody could have ask for a better boss. 

06/11/16 11:23 AM #102    


John "Jack" Abernethy (1964)

Wow! We must all be busy with life.....nothing posted here in almost 2 years! Hope everyone is doing o.k. and growing old gracefully. My rating in that area is about a 6! : (
Other than the fact that it's a lot of work for our reunion committee, who are beyond phenominal, what happened to the idea of a 70th birthday party?? Perhaps even an informal picnic at the beach or a park (or Terri Hunter's house LOL ;) if there was enough interest! God bless you all and keep on keeping on!

06/12/16 11:06 AM #103    

Mary Ann Scott (Gates) (1965)

Hey Jack, yes we're busy and saddly I see that a large number of us are falling by the way side. I'm about a 7 health wise. Discovering the parts of aging my mother forgot to tell me about. I thought only guys got grey eyebrows, I found one grey last week, it has been removed. I"m busy, still working at age 68.5. plan to retire at 70 if we can live on what we have socked away. On my way to Sacramento to pick up husband who has been at Spacefest in AZ. Check out the web site, until last year we had no idea you can meet and greet and attend lectures on space, rub elbows with men who walked on the moon, etc. Husband was there ot promote book on MARS. He's Greg Gates I'm Mary Ann Scott Gates from class 1965

06/12/16 11:28 AM #104    


Timothy Dennis Gillihan (1977)

            !!!!!!!!!!!!!SAVE THE DATE!!!!!!!!!

Crawford Class of 1977 40th Reunion
Saturday, August 12, 2017 - Sunday August 13, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017, 6pm-10pm
Bayview Restaurant
Marine Corps Recruit Depot (MCRD)

Sunday, August 12, 2017, Class Picnic
Location and time to be announced.

Hope to see you there!

For more information and contact info check out our class Facebook page here:

06/12/16 02:46 PM #105    


Julie Eskew (Daniel) (1964)

Yep, life pretty much getting in the way lately.  And I don't care for it at all.  Mind stuck in the 60s and not accepting this latest stage gracefully.  My 93-year-old mother (still living in same house we grew up in) is young, vibrant, and totally independent.  Exercise classes at Joan Kroc twice a week for more than 10 years!  Every day of her calendar is full of meetings, spa days, lunches, church functions, etc.  My 'little' sisters and I (Barbara Eskew McClellan '67 and Melanie Eskew (Paul) Fillmore '71) just watch her as she speeds past us!  

Julie Eskew Daniel '64

06/12/16 04:06 PM #106    


Janice Elaine Reasoner (Thompson) (1964)

Jack Abernathy , I think a 70 year old reunion would be a kick, especially since I was unable to make our 50th 😩. I think life and just good old things are happening and is taking time to resolve, but perhaps others could step in and help get something planned. I totally agree with it not being fancy maybe beach or park BYO food and drink, maybe white t-shirts and just scribble your name and year '64... I'm not in San Diego , but not so far a bunch of us up here in Temecula area can't come down.. Keep us posted and sure sounds like fun 👏🏻👍🏻?>?🇸


06/13/16 12:19 PM #107    


Gladys Mary (Jaye) Apcenski (Munger) (1960)

With so many of us relocated around the US and overseas, maybe we should just have a "LAST CALL REUNION" for all of us who have NEVER had a chance to come ! Now, that I finally moved back to California, from living overseas, and in several other states ( NO, I was NOT in the "Witness Protection Program", just married to 2 Air Force pilots !!). so, here I am in Sacramento, just in time for the 50th reunion of the class of 1960, and I was too sick to come !!So, maybe, let's try for a  "GENERAL REUNION", around Homecoming time. The weather is wonderful then, and hotel and Air Fares would be more reasonable. We could have lots of activities planned, to make a long trip to the "old stomping grounds" worthwhile, considering the expenses involved for "out of state" travelers X2,  most of us in the 1959-19?? Classes may not be fortunate enough to have any parents or family members, still living in San Diego, that they can stay with ! So,we'd all be coming to see the town, and just like any tourist, we'd want to see "the sights". Of course, we'd like to see how it's grown, and all the new places and old favorites, ( like the official MAKE OUT SPOT OF CRAWFORDITES, ALVARADO ESTATES DRIVE, ah, the twinkling lights over the city !!) SOO much to take in ! Our old Air Force Squadrons have huge reunions, and people fly in from all over the country. The reunions are usually planned over the Internet, and we have a GREAT TIME ! Locations such as Las Vegas, Phoenix,Albuquerque, and San Antonio. As you can see, we try to stay near the middle of the USA, so everyone has a somewhat equal distance to travel ! San Diego is a WONDERFUL RESORT CITY, we could charter a Sailing Yacht for a Bay Cruise ( they hold up to 80, and can be partially group chartered too) They have lunch available,or BYO, and BYOB,too ! There's "Seaport Village" "Old Town" and does the ferry to Coronado still run ? We could tour the "old lighthouse at Point Loma", Balboa Park on a Sunday, when the "little villages of the world", are open ( if that's still done) and there always used to be a concert in the Band Pavillion ! Maybe a play or a concert, as a group event, and of course the big Banquet, at the hotel where we all might ALL be staying. A "Silent Auction" or similar fund raiser, at the banquet, and donate proceeds to the school. With a large number of room rentals,  most hotels will throw in a "Hospitality Suite", where smaller groups could meet for cocktails, before heading out to dinner ! I know it can be done, as I've helped in the planing, and attended several, over the past 25+ years ! Anyone interested in exploring the possibility of a large reunion of this type???






06/14/16 09:02 AM #108    

Mike Traxler (1980)

I think that is an excellent idea.  It could be a big fund raiser for the foundation. We could have fun and do a lot of good.

06/14/16 06:50 PM #109    


Mary Christine Navarro (Hayes) (1961)

Great idea! I'm in the class of '61. We're having a 55th reunion in October.

10/27/16 12:14 PM #110    

Dana-Chandelle Bursten (Kleiman) (1964)

I am looking for anyone who might remember my sister, Marie Bursten, class of 1961.  Her family is trying to obtain documentation that she lived in the US between the years of 1952 and 1958.  She was in Junior Theater, had poems published in Oak Park Elementary School's annual contest, and performed in Balboa Park's citywide piano performances.  Perhaps someone has Oak Park or Horace Mann Junior High annual class photos, programs from the performances, or other such documentation.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me at if you can help.  Thanks.

10/27/16 05:27 PM #111    

Susan Marie Marshall (Gordon) (1964)

Dana... I have a photo of you in our Jr High yearbook but not your sister from three years ahead of us. I'll ask around. Good luck. The school's might have some archives. Oak Park and Mann still up and running. Susan Marshall


10/28/16 11:09 AM #112    

Patricia Ann Baker (Person) (1963)

Dana, I emailed a copy of the cover and your sister's picture from the 1958 Horace Mann annual.

10/29/16 09:56 AM #113    

Debra Elaine Feiler (Rodebaugh) (1983)

Dana- San Diego Junior Theatre has a listing " Production History" that starts in 1942 and lists shows and some casts all the way up to last season.          Here is the link ---



11/23/17 10:54 AM #114    

Susan Kay Stauffer (Davenport) (1960)


Hello Neil, I enjoyed your recap of first job experiences, how innocent and goungho we all were!

I was wondering, are you Linda Goldfarb’s sister?  We were good friends in high school but lost touch a long time ago. If so, could you let me know how she is or what she is doing these days? 

Thank you so much.  Susan Davenport (maden name, Stauffer)


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